How I Work

I value the Humanistic approach, and respect Rogers' core conditions of congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard. I work in an integrative way, honouring my initial psychodynamic training as well as my experience of Core Process, an approach based on Buddhist philosophy that acknowledges the connectedness of mind, body and spirit, and the structure and theory of personality development learnt from Transactional Analysis.

I hold the intention of meeting each person with equanimity and respect so that there builds a quality of trust in the relationship. I believe this relationship is of paramount importance in the work of therapy and can be supported by a quality of mindfulness that brings awareness and presence to how we are impacted on and responding to each moment.

 I offer a safe, confidential space where people can tell their story and express difficult feelings that may have been long suppressed; a space to take some time to look at  specific issues as well as to explore deeply held beliefs and malaise that undermine a sense of well-being and personal growth.

 I believe that unsatisfactory early attachment experiences are often the cause of imbalance and disharmony felt in later life and that seeking understanding through listening to the inner child can  bring healing.

I work within a collaborative alliance created to help the person achieve more freedom and personal dignity in their process towards individuation.

Sessions last for one hour and normally take place once a week. Therapy can be undertaken on a short or longer term basis depending on a person's needs. Progress is reviewed regularly and confidentiality is observed at all times.

I have been a full member and adhere to the UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct. However I am no longer a member.


I offer the initial session free of charge to give the opportunity to meet and discuss expectations and individual needs. Thereafter, if we contract to work together I have a standard fee of £40 per 1 hour session, but this is negotiable for those on a low income.